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The company leads with expertise instead of just products. It is offering world-class solutions that leverage the power of collaboration – people, ideas and relationships

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1) Enterprise Computing

Around the world, IT organizations are using high end servers to meet their toughest challenges, especially for their Windows or UNIX based environment. Galaxy offers broadest line of servers from IBM with the best availability, manageability and performance – from solid entry-level Single CPU servers to Super – scalable, highly available, mission critical multiple CPU high-end servers based on INTEL or POWER processors.

Galaxy helps customers to minimize IT complexity with a Simpler IT infrastructure built around scalable, manageable servers. with server management technology, customers not only see what IT assets they have, but also how they are used and how they perform.

Galaxy has certified skills to design, install, configure & commission these high end servers for various applications. Galaxy also has in – depth technical skills to deploy multi node clusters for high availability.

2) Storage

Galaxy is one of the leading company in providing products, services, and solutions for information storage and its management. Galaxy Partners with world leaders like IBM, EMC and Hitachi to offer information storage standard for every major computing platform. Galaxy helps enterprises of all sizes manage their growing volumes of information-from creation to disposal-according to its changing value to the business through information life cycle management (ILM) strategies. Galaxy’s information infrastructure solution are helping organizations manage, use, protect, and share their information assets more efficiently and cost-effectively. Galaxy offers world-class solutions on integrated network storage technologies, storage area networks, high end storage systems, backup and data protection software and services.
Galaxy has certified skills to perform activities in storage domain like capacity planning, LUN/Storage Group designing, SAN switch zoning, NAS deployment and Disaster Recovery using off- site data mirroring technologies

3) Information SecurityGalaxy understands today’s Internet security landscape, and is prepared to address these challenges by partnering with world leaders in Information Security business. With a focus on the security needs of our customers, Galaxy is delivering the industry’s most intelligent solutions designed to address today’s Internet security challenges. To help our customers defeat emerging threats, Galaxy currently offers new Internet and Web security solutions from vendors like Checkpoint, Juniper, Cisco, Symantec, RSA, Syntensia and others. These new intelligent solutions minimize risks, lower total cost of ownership, and afford the highest level of protection.Galaxy addresses all the domains of security like Physical and Environmental Security to Application / Database/ Network and Personal security. Galaxy has proven methodologies to asses and classify security requirements of the customer and design the information Security solutions best suited to the customer environment.Galaxy Security Consulting Team helps customer to asses critical elements of the customer’s infrastructure and design Security Standards and Policy to minimize the risks. Galaxy provides remediation and architectural solutions for the following:

  • Firewalls
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Enterprise Antivirus
  • Access Controls
  • Content Blocking Monitoring and Filtering
  • Policy, Event, Asset and Patch Management
  • End point / Client Security Solutions
  • Vulnerability Management and Intelligence
  • PKI Infrastructure

4) Messaging and CollaborationGalaxy is a leading provider of electronic messaging consulting and deployment services to a wide range of customers and consulting and deployment services revolve around electronic messaging overlapping groupware, intranets and extranet, and world wide web. Galaxy provides Messaging and Groupware related services for Messenger, Messaging Server and Directory Server; Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange and others.Galaxy Provides the most complete family of messaging related consulting services available, including strategic technology consultation and competitive analysis, messaging system architecture and design, development, installation, configuration, customization, testing, deployment, technical support, IT services, and e-mail migration.In a nutshell, Galaxy offers unbiased and critical assessments of messaging technologies and products within an overall systems integration context. Galaxy has assisted numerous clients in developing and realizing a vision for the next generation messaging. Galaxy also offers collaboration solutions which provide a secure, Web-based workspace for geographically distributed workers to collaborate more efficiently. We offer solutions from industry leaders like IBM Lotus Domino , IBM Websphere , EMC Documented and Microsoft Share Point Portal.

5) Enterprise ManagementGalaxy offers comprehensive portfolio of management solutions which helps customers to take control of their IT and telecommunications resources. By giving them the tools to troubleshoot problems, adapt quickly to change, and keep their data secure, these solutions ensure that business-critical data and services are delivered on time, all the time. Galaxy can solution for business, service, resource, as well as deliver solutions specific to an industry’s needs, let customer align their company’s people, processes, and technology to contribute to an agile Enterprise environment.Galaxy partners with industry leaders like IBM Tivoli , LANDesk and others . Galaxy’s consulting team works closely with the customers to understand their business requirements and align their business processes with IT to achieve optimum efficiency from deployed IT infrastructure. We provide following solutions:

  • Asset Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Fault Management
  • Network Management
  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Security Management
  • Governance

Galaxy Provides Design, Deployment and Support Services to the above mentioned solutions.

6) Personal ComputingWith so much of your working life and leisure time spent at your PC, you deserve the best technology. that’s our belief at Galaxy. And that’s why we provide the best-engineered PCs for every need, in every price class. We bring best of class techology from Lenovo .Lenovo’s ThinkVantage® technologies provide benefits like Lenovo’s Rescue and Recovery,™ which saves your data from a virus crash with the touch of a button, or if you ever knock or drop your PC, the Active Protection system will park your hard drive head in 500 milliseconds. it’s part of the reason why ThinkPad is the world’s most awarded notebook, with over 1,000 design awards.Your business requires more than just hardware to run efficiently. by partnering with some of the leading software vendors in the world – including Microsoft,® Landesk®, Utimaco and Computrace to name a few – we’re able to offer you the best solutions in IT Management and Security.Galaxy can delivere reliable, durable mobile solutions through Panasonic Toughbook(R) line of notebook computers through a broad portfolio of products, ranging from fully rugged, industrial strength notebook computers and tablet PCs to thin and light semi-rugged notebooks.Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers are built to protect data and keep performing in a wide range of conditions. Engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime, Toughbook computers go where the user goes, ready to perform in spite of harsh environments or rough handling. Rugged reliability, low cost of ownership, impressive certifications and outstanding accolades from customers and reviewers are just a few of the reasons why Toughbook computers keep winning over the world’s toughest users.

7) Thin Client ComputingServer based computing has been widely adopted by the corporate mainstream as the most efficient, flexible and costeffective system for application delivery and administration. It addresses the challenges of optimizing application reach, speed and security, and reducing computing costs. Galaxy offers Server Based Computing solution based on Microsoft Terminal services or Citrix Metaframe Presentation Solution. These solutions offer server based computing using RDP or ICA with low cost Thin Clients.These solutions help customers achieve following goals:

  • Truly scalable architecture with centralized Management.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership using Thin Clients.
  • Lower bandwidth requirements & can work on virtually any network connection including modem, wireless & web.

8) Imaging and Printing SolutionsWhen “5% to 11% of corporate revenue is hardcopy related spend” (Source: IDC U.S. Hardcopy Market – Vertical Industry Analysis, 2008), having an optimized output strategy in these uncertain times presents an urgent and real opportunity for your business to cut costs, improve productivity, and be set up for longer-term growth when the market recovers.We are dedicated to providing document solutions that simplify work and enhance productivity. Whether it is a small business or a multinational corporation, we offer products and services that can help a company improve its business processes and share crucial information and knowledge.We also offer total document solutions and services that can scan, view, manage and produce documents as well as a variety of pre-press and post press work flow options to fully meet customer demands. Infrastructure Solutions – Professional Services

Galaxy provides following professional services which helps customers to adopt or deploy below mentioned infrastructure solutions:

In today’s fast changing technology world, IT department are continually Challenged to evaluate and implement new technologies. While Standards- based technologies provide great value, today’s more complex IT infrastructures require a new level of knowledge and expertise to deploy these technologies.

Galaxy provides planning, design & deployment services of all the Infrastructure Solutions discussed above to help the customer to achieve Simplified operations, improved ROI, Increased utilization and optimize performance of their IT infrastructure

  • Intel/RISC Server Installation, Configuration and Commissioning
  • Microsoft Cluster Implementation & Support
  • AIX Cluster Implementation & Support
  • SAN Implementation using products from EMC, IBM, & Hitachi Storage and Brocade/McData Switches
  • Backup Software implementation using products from Veritas, Legato, Tivoli and others
  • Enterprise Tape library implementation from IBM.
  • Linux Implementation (Mail server, proxy Server,Web Server & Firewall)
  • Linux Cluster Implementation (Red Hat ES/AS 3.0/4.0)
  • Checkpoint Firewall Implementation
  • Anti-Virus Installation
  • Security Audit Services (BS-7799 Certification

Networking & Communications

Premises Distribution System

Enterprise Switching Solution


Wide Area Networks


1) Premises Distribution System

Premises Distribution Systems using CAT5E, CAT6 copper or Optical Fibers supporting multiple Gigabytes of throughput for current and future applications. This system may cover the entire multi storied buildings or large campuses.

We have trained and certified installers for Systimax, Tyco, Molex and all other Structured Cabling Systems. Galaxy installs, terminates, tests, and/or maintains Fiber Optic Cabling, Backbone Cabling, Category 3, Category 5 & Category 6 Cabling, Riser Cabling, Horizontal Cabling for Voice and Data Systems. We provide site survey that includes evaluation of new or existing facilities, identification, testing and documentation of existing cable runs. We provide integrated Data, Voice and Video System Design that are TIA/EIA compliance cabling system. Be it a CAT 5 or CAT 6 or a state-of-the-art optical fiber installation, we know the standard and we deliver quality installation. We have invested heavily on different types of cabling test equipments to ensure proper installation of different cabling media and LAN equipment technology based on standard specifications.

From initial planning to final commissioning, our experienced Project Managers will be with you every step of the way. We will provide detailed project planning of the installation and initiate milestones meetings to keep you appraised of the progress. It is worthwhile noting that, unlike many competitors in the market, we do not engage third-party engineering support in any aspect of installing structured cable systems. All the engineering works, from cable-pulling, termination, testing to commissioning of any sites, big or small, are handled under our supervision. Moreover, the advantage of deploying own staff will mean better control and speedier work done.

2) Enterprise Switching Solution

To support the growing demand for data hungry Voice and Video applications, faster processing speed of servers and workstations, and high-speed links to desktops, Galaxy can provide a wide selection of ATM and Gigabit Ethernet solutions for high-speed enterprise networks. The high performance solutions are able to address the challenges associated with the rapidly increasing and unpredictable nature of network traffic.

Enterprise Switching solutions covering Core Switches offering high availability and millions of packets per second throughput. Distributed Switches offering Secure VLANs, Quality of service QoS for Voice/Video applications and aggregation of departmental networks. Access Switches to provide dedicated secure connectivity to user workstations. Galaxy will also integrate these networks with Wireless LAN to extend the coverage of Enterprise LAN to mobile users.

3) Wireless

As a wireless solutions provider, Galaxy offers complete integration of wireless technology and provides onsite installation and maintenance. Large or small, simple or complex, we offer a total solutions approach to feasibility study, wireless network implementation and ongoing support.

4) Wide Area Networks

To address the customer’s need for providing connectivity to their remote offices and branches to their central office, Galaxy can offers most comprehensive Wide Area Networking solutions in the industry through its Associated Companies. WAN solutions offered by Galaxy and its Associates encompasses technologies such as Leased Lines, E1 circuits, ISDN, IP VPN, MPLS, Frame Relay and VSAT based solutions. Galaxy and its Associates can offer turnkey solutions for deploying Wide Area Networks right from designing the network topology, choosing the right telecom service provider, building the network infrastructure to drafting SLA on behalf of the customer. We have have strategic tie-up with all the major Telecom Service Providers like BSNL, Tata and Reliance and major networking vendors like Cisco, Nortel and Juniper networks.

5) Consultancy

Our technology consultants evaluate client technology needs and systems, recommend new technologies that achieve higher levels of efficiency and competitive advantage, and support the implementation of Internet/intranet/extranet solutions and infrastructures critical to e-Business development.

Network Planning & Implementation

Our consultants work closely with clients to understand their operations in great detail in order to provide policy planning & implementation, capacity planning, and valuable documentation for client’s networks. Galaxy’s technology consultants review client’s business plans, discuss existing problems, identify obstacles to success, evaluate personnel and skill sets, and establish both short- and long-term project objectives.


  • MS Exchange implementation & migration services.
  • Microsoft Active Directory planning & implementation services.
  • Microsoft OS Platform migration services.
  • Lotus Domino implementation & migration services.
  • Oracle 9i & 10g RAC implementation Services.
  • MS SQL implementation
  • LANDesk Management Suite & Security Suite implementation
  • Microsoft SMS implementation=
  • Citrix implementation
  • Thin Client implementation
  • IT equipments relocation and redeployment services
  • AMC / FM Services