The need to share information with employees, Partners and customers worldwide is driving many organizations to deploy Messaging Technology. BIPL has the skill to offer proprietary solutions i.e. Lotus Notes, MS Exchange as well as non-proprietary SMTP/POP 3 Solution.  We are one of the few to offer Linux based messaging and Proxy Solution customized to Suite the customer requirement.

Proxy solution in an enterprise that uses the internet, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between a workstation user and the internet so that the enterprise can ensure security, administrative control, and caching service, Linux based Proxy gives added Advantage to the corporate …


Solution for instantaneous and online communication. Communicate with internal as well as external customer. Dealers, Suppliers, .You can refer to your chat for future reference… Send the mail of your Chat…Narrow down the communication gap between your colleagues and more…and more….

Fax on your Desktop We still depend on FAX for communication professional fax Server can save substantial cost of the enterprise. FAX Server will be integrated with SMTP/Exchange As well as Lotus Notes. Fax can be sent and receive through e-mail. Easy to install….Use …..Manage …Administer.

Backup / Recovery: Most of organization realizes the importance of Data

Availability when they lose it. Your data is as important as your investment or your marketing plan. Secure it ………. Save it…………  BIPL provides Backup solution for small, medium as well as big organization using our skills, Software (Veritas, Arc server) as well as Hardware (HP Compaq as well as IBM) storage devises.

Document Management: Enterprises around the world are recognizing that information is the currency of their business, there is tremendous value in ensuring that all corporate information, whether in structured or unstructured formats is captured, managed, and put to working in a meaningfully and efficient way. BIPL uses Third Party solution to organize unstructured data- information stored in text files, e-mails, multimedia and document etc.-

And use the corporate knowledge contained in the data to gain competitive advantage.

Remote Manage: With the availability of the Leased Line from the private players as well as MNC required bandwidth, remote management is not the distant dream. Entire IT setup can be managed and maintained using the tools available with us. This will ensure the smooth functioning of the IT Infrastructure without actual human interference. Effective Data backup Management, disaster recovery, virus management etc.

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Bring back your business back in minutes. We offer Disaster Recovery solution for the organization that’s Data is as critical and important as their business. We offer HP, IBM as well as well as Iomega Storage devices for storage purpose.

Application Service Provider (BIPL): We got the great idea and fantastic Application, want more and more organizations to share it.  With changing pace of business as well as technology Organization are interested in leasing it or outsourcing it. We can provide you the infrastructure for hosting your application.

Security/ Firewall Services

Website / Mail / Data Security: Your entire communication depends on mailing.

You never know who is interested in intercepting your mail and using the information against you. It is been observed that 60% of the security threat from the internal customers. Messaging among critical as well as important personnel need to be secured. We provide solution where critical personnel as well as entire organization

Can have secured mailing by encrypting it. We offer VeriSign solution for mail security as Secure  IT for local Data Encryption solution

Network Security: It is real and happening every day. Computer crime is not just the stuff of media hype. We offer the Network Internal Security Audit, Internet Based Penetration testing, Denial of Service Attack Emulation, as well as other services for the benefit of the Clients. This enables the customer to have added assurance of the network security as well as reliability of its proper functioning.

Firewall: Organization of all sizes is leveraging the internet as cost effective, Global communication Infrastructure for employees, customer, vendors, suppliers and key business partners. To protect your infrastructure from intruders we offer you firewall solutions based on CISCO, Checkpoint, Norton, Gajshield and other firewall solutions as per the customers requirement.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions:

The torrents of information storming in and out and though today’s business could hardly have been foreseen when the first computer systems achieved desktop status. Building on this early direct-attached storage architecture. Now these processing and Storage initiative are hard pressed to support and direct the monumental data requirements of ERP, MIS, and data warehousing for today’s s companies. Data is created, transmitted, stored, and delivered around the clock. This scenario also leaves Internet and application service providers as well as dot-com Organizations scrambling for reliable, scalable solutions.

On the front-end businesses welcome extreme amount of Information and strive to manipulate it for use in real time. On the back end, IT professionals, with their current infrastructures, scramble to accommodate the exponentially increasing data burden; NAS device requires little IT staff time and effort. It Scales fast, without downtime. A NAS helps by offloading tedious and bandwidth-consuming file serving tasks from your server. It allows your server to use its power to process your data with improved availability and Performance. We have the right infrastructure as well as Hardware to offer NAS solution.test